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What is Xpresso MTS TM 2017?

Xpresso MTS TM 2017 is a secure intranet-based application used by money transmitter companies for domestic and international funds transfer.

It is multi-currency-ready, providing user friendly front office operations and back office management, serving head office, branches, agents and correspondents

User friendly front office: You simply enter the sender and receiver information, select the destination country, the US amount to send, the bank account, click on "Add Invoice" and your customer invoice is done.

Patriot Act compliance: As the transaction is saved, it is validated for compliance, before it is sent to your payer network. If KYC, OFAC-SDN and Blocked Persons match occurs, the transaction is automatically placed on an administrative queue, to be accessed and analyzed only by your compliance officer. You can also maintain your own "Blocked Persons" list.

Back office management: Once the transactions are sent to your payer network, they are ready to be accounted for. You can search and track your orders, get your daily sales reports, agent commission and net remit reports, ledger reports, branch activity reports, Quick Books export, statistics by enterprise, by branch, by agent, by country, by payer, by amount and several other reports in a friendly spreadsheet format.

Who has access to Xpresso?

Only authorized users with a valid login and password provided by you can access the application. You will fully control the actions that each user is allowed to perform and you can grant or revoke their rights anytime. You can add users under your own branches or add users under affiliated branches. You get a super-administrator login to manage your entire enterprise.

How secure is it?

A SSL (Secure Socket Layer) is used to enhance security of transactions using either 64k or 128K key encryption method. Other options often used are VPN (Virtual Private Networks) or server authentication and client certificates.

How fast is it?

Xpresso automatically stores every new sender and receiver information, their scanned ID images, so you only need to type it once. You simply enter the sender and receiver information, select the destination country, the US amount to send, the bank account, then click on "Add Invoice". Repeat customer transactions are completed in just a few seconds and new customers transactions in less than a minute.

What kind of equipment is compatible with Xpresso?

Any personal computer, running any version of Microsoft Windows, with an updated browser and Internet access will run Xpresso MTS TM 2017. For customer id scanning, most twain compatible scanners and cameras are supported.

Can I print a customer receipt?

You can print your customer a receipt as soon as the transaction is created. A log with branch location, agent login, creation date and time, receipt print date and time, and many other fields is kept for each transaction.

Can I change the terms and conditions on the receipt?

Yes, but it is limited to 1000 letters, so yours and your customer's copy can fit on one page.

How do I know the current status of an order?

Xpresso tracks every step of a transaction by processing stages, login, origin ip, date, time. For example you can monitor all stages, from the time the invoice was created until paid.

What are the processing stages of an order?
1. Invoice created 2. Invoice printed by agent 3. Invoice verified 4. Invoice sent to payer 5. Invoice DNQ - Did Not Qualify 6. Invoice re-sent to payer 7. Invoice paid 8. Invoice T.B.R. (to be refunded) 9. Invoice refunded 10. Complaint request 11. Complaint resolved 12. Agent placed on hold 13. Agent released hold 14. Adm placed on hold 15. Adm released hold 16. Invoice voided 17. Invoice recovered
How do I get reports?

Reports are viewed on your browser, downloaded in spreadsheet format or automatically emailed to you.

How do I make my backup?

Xpresso generates a daily backup and stores it on a secure FTP server. You can download it or backups can also be saved on CD-ROMS and mailed to you.

Do I need a DSL connection to work with Xpresso?

Xpresso MTS TM 2017 resides on a server on a secure data center. You can use any type of Internet access. However, a DSL connection is highly recommended if you have a high transaction volume.